Welcome to the Isomorfeus Project

The powerful, isomorphic full stack Ruby web application development environment.
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Getting started:

$ gem install isomorfeus-installer -v 1.0.0.zeta5
$ isomorfeus new my_project
$ cd my_project
$ bundle install

Because of recent improvements to isomorfeus-react for which the zeta5 configuration is not yet prepared, please add the following line to your app, in the example above with a project name of 'my_project' in the file 'my_project_app.rb' in the projects root directory. Add the line after the requires.
Isomorfeus.server_side_rendering = false if Isomorfeus.development?

Then you can do:
$ foreman start

Then open browser at http://localhost:5000.
Open editor, components are in my_project/isomorfeus/components, and start coding!
(For foreman: gem install foreman.)

See available Development Tools

A Debug Guide (not finished yet, but good page to try all features of Opal Developer Tools) (Loads large assets, source maps, etc.)

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